“Whatever you want”



A desired performance from and with Schmitt & Schulz

After Schmitt & Schulz managed the seemingly impossible with i-Lab last year, namely to transport the shoals of virtual reality on stage, this year they face another – twice the same – challenge:
After many years of performance work, Schmitt&Schulz now use classical dramas for the first time as a model for a production – just as in traditional theater. Yes, you have read correctly: not just a drama, but several at once and if so, then of course the really big classics. As an additional level of difficulty, you will not choose yourself but the audience.
And which performer team could be more difficult for such an endeavor than a duo of their own mothers?
In an artistic power struggle of tragic proportions, the two 70-year-old family leaders are sent on stage by their children to present to the audience excerpts from plays such as Hamlet, Maria Stuart, Romeo and Juliet, Faust, Woyzeck, Emilia Galotti and other classics of theater literature. Afterwards the audience is allowed to vote, which of the dramas offered to the selection must convert the two ladies at the end with the help of their specialized children in short form.


In an effort to put their mothers in the right light, the two eager directors also act out which mother is the more talented and thus involuntarily enter into a creative competition that also includes intimate family stories, embarrassing details from childhood and smoldering Generational conflicts are brought to light.

Will Schmitt & Schulz be able to handle this extreme challenge with all its dangers and obstacles in a double pack with the means of performance?
Or is there a family feud of major proportions between the two rival camps – the Schulz family and the Schmitt family?

The spectator can be prepared for an exciting and certainly entertaining theatrical performance experiment of a special kind.


Nic Schmitt:
“Of course it was not only a challenge, but also a long-cherished wish of both of us to get our own mothers together on stage. And since our mothers are of a generation with a more classical idea of theater, it was natural to lure them to our stage with classical theater texts.”
Peter Schulz:
“We are curious to see how our mothers, as absolutely virgin laymen, make themselves in classical theater roles and as performers on stage. We hope that our viewers will have as much fun in the performances as we do in the current rehearsals, where it is admittedly a bit irritating to give direction to their mother. But, of course, we will rush to help our mothers during performances in difficult moments or in an emergency. ”
Durration: 120 min

Article: www.allgemeine-zeitung.de

Alice Schmitt and Elke Schulz in “Faust”

A production of the performance art depot
with the support of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate


12.11.2011 8 pm
14.11.2011 8 pm
15.11.2011 8 pm
22.11.2011 8 pm
23.11.2011 8 pm
25.11.2011 8 pm
26.11.2011 8 pm