“When you save me..”

A society game for four performers and an audience

In the age of mass media rescue in the form of countless charity shows, the independent theater and performance group ‘Dramazone’, which have already appeared in September 2010 with the “Angstb√∂rse” in Mainz in the pad, also deals with the subject of rescuing.
What am I willing to do to save someone? Was there a time I could have saved someone and did not do it? In a three-hour performance, the performers challenge viewers to address these issues – giving the audience new promises about what they would do, “When you save me,” doing sports for world peace and facing their own guilty conscience which she repeatedly confronts with situations in which she did not help.
To the problem of “wanting to rescue”, but not knowing exactly how, the visitor may find answers at the Amnesty International University Group Mainz, which as a framework program informs about the work, achievements and issues of the world’s largest human rights organization and to people who urgently must be helped, points out.
The viewer can move freely between the performance and the supporting program of Amnesty International and determine his own length of stay.