Project Description

Nic Schmitt

studied theater studies at the University of Mainz and has been working in directing and directing assistants since 1996. Her field of activity includes theatrical work with trained actors as well as theatrical educational work with children and young people. As the second chairman of the "kulturkartell" (SAFE eV), an association of independent artists and cultural workers from Rüsselsheim and the surrounding area, she was involved in the organization of the 2003 Rüsselsheim Summer of Culture. She has been working with Peter Schulz since 1999.

In 2007 she founded her own play and production site together with Peter Schulz pad (performance art depot), which she managed artistically, curatorially and organizationally together with Peter Schulz until 2020. Since 2017 she has been the manager of the association of the same name (pad eV).