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International Dance & Performance Festival 9th - 18th May 2019

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In this no longer indispensable program highlight we present extraordinary, entertaining and innovative performance and dance productions from all over the world. Among the invited artist we will not only see some old acquaintances but also aspiring artist and new discoveries we carefully picked out of 800 applications.

So we are very excited to welcome the artist group SÄCHSISCHE SCHWEIZ kollektiv, who will open up our festival with their theatrical documentation “Tiere!” (Animals!). The german-chilean performance group El Cuco project, which are now performing for the third time at our stage, are demonstrating in their latest piece “Good By Epoch” the relations between human and animal and for that they use extrem realistic looking bird- and catmasks. Also Marfalda Miranda Jacinto from Rabbit Hole performed for us multiple times and shows with her performance partner Joao Estevenz and their play „Crime and Punishment“, that you can rule the stage with only two people and two microphones.

New on the pad-stage: The french dancer and choreographer Alexandre Fandard shows in his short but thrilling dance-performance "Some remain so" emotional conditions via concentrated movements. The transylvaniac trio of dancers from the performance group "M Studio" grace us with their nonverbal performance "Elevator – boys will be boys", in which the escalation in a stuck elevator is the cause for wild dances and acrobatics and the italian dancer and performer Marco Chenevier of the italian artist-collective ALDES shows ,with his interaktive improvisation "Quintetto", a sceptical and at the same time most amusing and turbulent performance about cultural politics gone wrong on the stage.

We are pretty excited about Gustavo Solar from Argentinia, who will create impressive, poetic and graceful outdoor arrangements with only few elements in combination with his own body.
Especially made for our festival he will develop scenic pictures at various places in the city quarter around the pad.
We are very enthusiastic about the big palette of projects, which will rank between performance, drama, choreography, dance theatre and live art and so they bust genre boundaries open and offer diversity, something we are very proud of.

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