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Bildergebnis für goldene 10

23rd – 25th Nov:

Birthday weekend with international guests !
New production from Schmitt&Schulz !
grand opening !
Since being founded in 2007 we have invited countless
guests from over 20 countries to present their
performance productions on the pad-stage…

Now – TEN years and 300 shows later – we asked our former guests to come to us and bring their new performances as a birthday gift. 
From thursday, 23rd til saturday, 25th pad will present a various surprise programme of performance, contemporary dance, installation and other, including the new production “be-have” from Schmitt&Schulz, with guest performances from London, Athens, Berlin, Barcelona and Lisbon, with some surprises and with a lot of celebration fun !
For mMore information please click above on programme, current.

Grand Opening is on thursday, 23rd at 6 pm.

We are looking forward for meeting all pad friends and
such that like to become a pad friend 😉



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Test run: Free entrance for students for The International Performance Festival 2017

Events and Series

  • International Performance Festival (always from end of April until beginning of May)
  • Dance Weekend (always in June or July)
  • Night of the Museums in pad (June bi-annually)
  • Watch&Eat, durational performance improvisation “nonstoponstage” by Schmitt&Schulz (6 times a year)
  • various guest performances
  • big annual Schmitt&Schulz-production (every year in November)

Detailed information see also under → programme → events and series